Honouring volunteers past and present

We are delighted to have received a £1000 donation from local resident Mandy Boyce this week, in memory of her father Brian Giblin, who was involved in building some of the original equipment on the playground.  Mandy’s brother Peter and his wife Glenda still volunteer with us, and were also recognised this week with a civic award for their work, alongside volunteer Diane Johnson, our Chair Yanina Koszalinski and trustee Alan Hancock.

Mandy said, “I thought about having a plaque on a bench to remember Dad, but donating the money to the playground seemed a more lasting tribute to his memory.”


Architecture students at the University of Sheffield are currently undertaking a “Live Project” to design new self-build material equipment for the playground using salvaged and donated materials, and Mandy’s donation will ensure the designs can be built.  Yanina said, “Self-build is an important part of our history and ethos, and we’re enormously grateful to Mandy for helping to carry on that tradition.”

Student Jess Beresford added, “The Live Project team are really excited to get this self-build project off the ground. We are asking for donations of spare or recycled materials from within the community and local businesses that might be able to drive our design.  Please give generously! Your contribution will help the children in and around Pitsmoor to have a better quality of life that is focused on play.”